Milkshakes, in review

Milkshakes, in review

The Cast - Jacob, David

Is there anything more to life than video gaems? We take to the streets to find out on this life-altering episode of the Machination Log.

The Rankings

This is the ordered list for a “small chocolate shake” at each establishment. Only places with drive-thru’s were considered.

Tastes obviously change from person to person, and so I think it’s important to note upfront that this list is, in fact, objectively accurate and perfect.

A tier

  • Culver’s

  • PDQ

B tier

  • Dairy Queen

  • Chick-fil-A

C tier

  • McDonald’s

  • Wendy’s*

D tier

  • Sonic

  • Checkers

F tier

  • Steak n Shake**

  • Burger King


  • Arby’s

* Wendy’s, at one point, had shakes (they might still at some locations). The place we went did not and we received a Frosty instead. As far as soft serve goes, it’s okay, but if you’re looking for the smooth creaminess of a shake, it’s not a great substitute.

** Steak n Shake’s specialty shakes are fine, but if you just order a chocolate shake (as we did for consistency’s sake) it is awful.



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I don't care if anyone does what they want to do.

I don't care if anyone does what they want to do.