Great question.

The amateur life is a daunting one. We want to do and make stuff, but nothing meets the visions we set out with. Every project is destined for Platonic Failure: a mark of our inability to truly learn or improve, let alone offer something to the wider world. Sometimes we can't even be proud of our real accomplishments for fear of exposing just how much luck was involved in our success. We can’t win…

…but we also can’t stop. I know I can’t, anyway. I’m sure there are plenty of great TV shows to binge on. I’m sure sports are engaging. I’m sure it’s possible to tell the difference between a Moe’s and a Chipotle burrito. These will have to wait for another lifetime. I have to create, every waking hour of the day, whether what I produce is garbage or not. I’ll be cataloguing that struggle here--ideas, methods, pitfalls, lessons learned--along with other so-afflicted friends and family. Feel free to tag along or, if you’ve got this affliction too, please bring those stories here. Nothing warms my heart like knowing I'm not alone in all this.

No, I mean what am I supposed to do here?

Oh! Sorry. The meat is presently the Mach Log podcasts on whatever comes to mind: group discussions, essays, reviews, VO trials...the works. Browse around for something that catches your fancy and please feel no need to listen to everything (Lord knows I don't).

We've got an RSS feed and an iTunes account linked below if you want to get these imported on the reg for your commutes and such.

If you need help picking something, might I recommend:

Bingo, as seen through the eyes of a madman.

A semi-longitudinal investigation of eating steak for health reasons.

Our resident Movie Crew's romp through the Incredibles or The Man Who Wasn't There or 2001.

A deep dive into brewing, spun both historically and personally.

A bunch of people in a room talking about whatever.

Any given day in my garage.

Any given day in my garage.