Authentic Bootleg Dogecoin

Authentic Bootleg Dogecoin

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As of this writing, we live in a world where the market for dogecoin is valued at over half a billion dollars. This is unconscionable, as is not taking advantage of this great offer to control your monetary future with this pewter token of suspect origin.

Unlike other hoarding materials like gold and silver, bootleg coins are Non-Fungible, so you can fill your mattress with confidence knowing their value is protected from ““MARKET FORCES””. Dogecoin is world-renowned for permanence and stability as an asset, and now you can further permanentize it in a round piece of low-melting point metal.

Bootleg Dogecoin was forged in my backyard using the finest gypsum cement and a toaster oven. Obverse displays the second most popular annoying dog on the internet; reverse has “1 doge” and “wow” written with a soldering iron.

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