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The Table v1

The schema is as follows:
An Evernote notebook called the Table contains everything I want to work toward at this moment in time. The Table presently has 15 goals. Each goal’s first line is a statement of underlying motivations: interpersonal, systemic, experiential, etc. Some goals are ongoing concerns (“Be well”, “Keep in touch”) with no definable endpoint. Nonetheless, wherever possible the goal should be a measurable objective.

The following three conditions must be met each day with one break day per week:

1. If a goal on the Table sees less than 15 minutes of progress in any 2-day period, it must be put back on the Shelf (where inactive goals go) for a period of at least 2 weeks, postmarked with the time it was removed and a postmortem for the failure of at least 100 words. The goal can be replaced with a new one whose underlying motivations are related, however the objective must materially change.
2. 14 hours of the day must be spent pursuing these goals.
3. All discretionary funds must be spent pursuing these goals.

I will send a text message to you in the morning between 6 and 8am reporting on the previous day. It will be a two-symbol message using the following key:

1+ Conditions met, great day.
0+ Conditions not met, but still great day.
1= Conditions met, good day.
0= Conditions not met, but still good day.
1- Conditions met, but still poor day.
0- Conditions not met, poor day.

If words follow the grading they are to summarize the reason for the particular appraisal.

A 0 (regardless of the second symbol) or a failure to report means I owe you 5 bucks. 

Conditions are subject to change each break day. Goals can be added or removed at any time, however removal must comply with condition 1.

The Table v2

2-hour Bag and Chips scheme